Customer Service

Yes, Airwave Networks has great technology, but our real competitive discriminator is our customer service. We provide each of our customers with the most complete and responsive levels of customer service in this Industry. Our customer care includes:

Proprietary Remote Network Monitoring Systems ensure that the Airwave Team knows quickly when a service effecting event has occurred. Our engineering staff, customer care and on-site support is automatically notified and begins working the problem usually well before the resident has even discovered the issue.

Airwave Apps provides customer care and network metrics. Airwave Networks believes in complete transparency to our service metrics. We are very proud of our service so why not show our customers the resident experiences at their community.

Airwave On-Site Representatives (OSRs) are the key to our service. They are the reason for our quick response to outages, site maintenance and resident service calls. Our OSRs support flexible appointment schedules which allow service calls at the convenience of residents. Your resident will not be waiting long with appointment windows of thirty minutes.

Customer Care Support that provides several ways to communicate with residents or property management utilizing phone support, on-line chat, e-mail and Airwave mobile app messaging. Our Airwave-employed customer phone service delivers 24/7 support with typical hold times of less than a minute. No more long wait times to get answers to your service problem.