Airwave Surveillance System

Airwave Networks has developed an affordable digital surveillance system for the MDU Marketplace. The system leverages the high speed network we have developed for your property. We provide design, installation and maintenance of the system. No need to purchase a separate maintenance contract for the system. Our Digital Surveillance System includes:
  • Digital High Resolution IP Cameras
  • Easy Intuitive Web and App Interface
  • Remote Accessibility
  • No Cost Repair and Replace Policy

-Digital High Resolution IP Cameras – Provides excellent viewing quality and detail for any law enforcement needs.
-Easy Intuitive Web and App Interface – Airwave Networks has developed a custom App interface running on an Airwave provided iPad which has received excellent reviews for its user-friendliness.
-Remote Accessibility – Utilizing the Airwave App, property management can access the system off site. Both live camera feeds and historical files are available for offsite viewing.
-No Cost Repair and Replace Policy – As long as Airwave Networks is providing Internet at the site, maintenance of the Installed Airwave Surveillance System is free of charge.